An Eternal Hug

We are still walking around in the Temple of Karnak, bringing you today another wonderful and probably not-so-well-known relief.

Amenhotep II from the 18th dynasty has added to the Karnak Temple just as many others before and after him. His temple is now located on the eastern wall of the last courtyard, between the 9th and 10th pylons. However, it originally may have stood before the 8th pylon and have supposedly been removed and reconstructed in its current place by pharaoh Horemheb, making way for further constructions.

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The relief shows Amenhotep II embraced by Amun and Mut. Some of the original colors of the relief are still visible - specifically on the torso of Amenhotep II - and so is the damage done to the name and figure of Amun during the reign of Akhenaton.


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