"He Who is Coming Into Being"

The creator sun-god Khepri was one of the four manifestations of the sun god Ra - his dawn manifestation on the eastern horizon. In the legend of 'The Name of Ra', the goddess Isis asks Ra to reveal his secret name. He answers her: "I am Khepera in the morning, Ra at noontide, and Atmu in the evening.

(Read this legend and more here)

Khepri is depicted as a scarab-beetle, hawk-winged scarab or beetle-headed man. The scarab beetle's pushing of a large ball of dung represented the sun being pushed through the sky. Khepri had no temples of his own, but large stone scarab statues had been set up in different temple complexes.

This photo shows the god Khepri as a beetle-headed man as seen in the tomb of KV11 in the Valley of the Kings, that of Ramses III. I find this depiction of Khepri the most curious of all the depictions of gods of ancient Egypt.


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