Lord of the Maat like Ra, beloved of Amun

Join us in visiting one of the spectacular tombs of the Valley of the Kings: KV9 of Ramesses V and Ramesses VI.

The tomb was originally commissioned for Ramesses V, and the earlier parts of the tomb are inscribed for him, however the rest of the tomb was prepared for Ramesses VI.

On our photos you will find details of the pillared hall of the tomb, where 4 pillars show Ramesses VI offering to a number of deities: Khonsu, Amun-Ra, Meretseger, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, Ra-Horakhty, Ptah, and Thoth.

The columns name the king as Lord of the Two Lands, Neb Maat Ra, mery Amun - Lord of the Maat like Ra, beloved of Amun - and Lord of Apparitions, Ramessu, Amun her khepeshef, netjer heqa Iunu - Ramesses, Amun is his force, god and ruler of Heliopolis.

The tomb has been known of since antiquity, and has been robbed as early as the reign of Ramesses IX. The mummies of both kings of this tomb were found in a cache in KV35 in 1898.

For a virtual tour of the tomb and to see further details click here.



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