Shepsesre, Overseer of Upper Egypt

Let's step back a bit in time from our recent excursions to the New Kingdom, and focus on the Old Kingdom today, specifically on Dynasty 5.

We bring you this life-size head of a wooden statue of Shepsesre (Rashepses) from the Imhotep Museum in Saqqara. (Catalogue number JE 40037)

Shepsesre was "Chief justice and Vizier [of king Djekare-Isesi] and Overseer of Upper Egypt" during Dynasty 5 of the Old Kingdom.

The statue head was excavated from the serdab of Mastaba LS 16 [S902], just north of the Step Pyramid by James Quibell in the 1907/08 season at Saqqara. The head shows the closely shaven style which became particularly popular during Dynasty 6.

Research has shown that the Overseer of Upper Egypt held important responsibilities such as tax collection and labour assignment required for the central government.


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- Shepsesre seated in an offering scene - from his mastaba is Saqqara.

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