"That Which Is in the Afterworld"

Let's resume our visit in the tomb of Ramesses V and Ramesses VI. Continuing the walk from the pillared hall we looked at last time, we see scenes from the book of the Amduat on both sides of the corridor.

The book of the Amduat is one of the ancient Egyptian funerary texts that tells about the story of the sun god Ra travelling through the Underworld from sunset to dawn. The aim of the composition is to gain knowledge. Whoever knows these secret representations is well-equipped to enter and leave the underworld.

The underworld is divided into the twelve hours of the night. The first to fifth hours are shown on the walls of the left side, and the walls on the right side start with the sixth hour and continue to the eleventh. The twelfth hour of the Amduat is not depicted in this tomb.

On our photos you can see parts of the second and third hours of the Amduat.

Part of the barque of Ra is seen here in the flotilla travelling with him. They have now entered the fertile region of "Wernes". The flotilla is carrying offerings and magical signs.

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In the first boat in front of the barque of Ra we can see grain gods. A crocodile is shown on the second boat that may refer to the ruler of the land of Wernes, and as such may symbolize the power of the sun god over the netherworld. Looking at the next boat we can see the symbols of Hathor with two goddesses around it, likely Isis and Nephthys. In the fourth boat that can only be partially seen here, we can see the sign of Maat and the moon (not seen on this photo).

The third hour shows the "Waters of Osiris" where the deities cause inundation of the Nile. The boats are still sailing through a peaceful and lush region. The netherworld is Osiris's land but it is with the creative and nourishing powers of the sun god, combined with Osiris's fertility, that regeneration will be made possible at a later stage of the journey.

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