The Bent Pyramid of Dahshur

The bent pyramid of Dahshur was built at around 2,600 BC by king Sneferu of the 4th dynasty, who ruled for more or less 30 years and had three pyramids built. The Bent Pyramid is called so for the fact that the angle of its sides shifts suddenly about one-third of the way up from 54 degrees to the more gentle slope of 43 degrees, most likely because of issues of stability because of the structure of the ground it was built on.

The bent pyramid is the fourth largest pyramid known to have been built in Egypt. When it was built it was called “Sneferu is shining in the south” because it was covered in polished Tura limestone. Unlike other pyramids, the bent pyramid uniquely has two entries, to the north and the west. After many years of restoration, the bent pyramid was open to visitors in July 2019, for the first time since 1965.

I took this photo of the bent pyramid in January 2020. I was very lucky with the cloudy sky above that gave it the most magical frame.


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